Terms & Conditions

By utilizing the services offered by Starbright Creations and becoming a valued client, you enter into a legally binding agreement governed by the following Terms and Conditions, including any terms and conditions referenced herein. We urge you to thoroughly review these terms. Should you not accept these unaltered Terms and Conditions, your utilization of “Starbright Creations” services is not permissible. Starbright Creations reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any juncture by updating this notice. We recommend timely visits to this page to remain informed, as these terms have legal implications

Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

At Starbright Creations, our foremost priority is ensuring customer satisfaction. We take great pride in delivering top-tier embroidery work with an emphasis on swift turnaround times. Our pledge to you includes relentless dedication to every aspect of your order. Prior to commencing production, we will furnish you with a stitchout of your design to secure your complete satisfaction

Precision in Logo Digitization and Embroidery

Our core competency lies in the precise digitization and embroidery of logos, resulting in high-quality, enduring designs. These designs can be meticulously sewn onto the finest garments and emblems, guaranteeing a professional finish. For those desiring stock designs, we maintain an extensive library of 25,000+ options, all without incurring setup fees. Moreover, we offer the seamless addition of lettering to any design without supplemental setup charges.

Transparent Pricing and Payment

Our pricing structure is customized to your unique project requirements, encompassing factors such as design complexity and order quantity. We will provide a detailed, itemized quote for your project, inclusive of all associated costs. Payment can be facilitated through the payment methods endorsed by Starbright Creations, with terms specified in the provided invoice

Streamlined Order Process

To initiate an order with Starbright Creations, you may reach out to us via our website, email, or phone. We stand ready to collaborate with you to comprehensively grasp your specifications and furnish a personalized quote. Upon acceptance of the quote, we will proceed with the design and embroidery process. Prior to production, a stitchout will be submitted for your review and approval.

Expedited Turnaround Time

Recognizing the significance of punctual delivery, we establish a mutually agreed-upon timeline during the order process. Starbright Creations is committed to adhering to this timeline and will engage proactively in discussions with you should any modifications be necessary.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping costs and delivery durations are contingent on your location and the scale of your order. We will present you with a selection of shipping options, complete with associated fees. We encourage you to review shipping details attentively prior to finalizing your order.

Returns and Refunds

At Starbright Creations, we stand behind the quality of our products. If, however, you receive a product that falls short of your expectations or exhibits defects, kindly notify us without delay. Our team will promptly evaluate the issue and, if warranted, facilitate a replacement or refund in compliance with our established return policy.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

By availing yourself of our services, you affirm that you possess the requisite legal rights to reproduce any logos, designs, or intellectual property furnished to us. Starbright Creations shall not assume responsibility for any copyright or trademark infringements arising from the embroidered designs we execute.

Amendment of Terms

Starbright Creations reserves the prerogative to revise and amend these terms and conditions as deemed necessary. Any modifications will be communicated to our clientele through our website or by electronic correspondence.

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